Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Educational Philosophy-

I believe that each student is unique in regards to learning. With each having individual needs where no two students are alike. It is my goal as future educator to fabricate the most conductive learning environment for students. This environment will breed the natural curiosity within the students to direct there self learning and discovery. It will also provide them with the proper guidelines of self respect and and respect for all living things. With such an emphasis put on the individual needs of the learner it places a lot of responsibility on the teacher to meet all the individual needs of each student in the class. I agree with the thought of differentiated instruction and in a perfect world there would be one teacher for every student but that is far from the case. Unfortunately due to budget cuts and lack of resources the services that should be provided to students aren't being applied. The only ones who really suffer here are the students who aren't getting the services that they really need. It places a lot more stress on the teacher as well because instead of being able to evenly distribute there teaching efforts, it makes each student get less and less attention that way each student gets just a glimpse of attention. I think this is the problem with education of today the lack of support from administration which directly means funding of programs.It is the job of the modern day teacher to make lemonade with out the lemons. Meaning that funding of your curriculum is going to be tight no matter what subject field you are in. It is the job of the teacher to be resourceful and to find alternative cost effective ways to teach and convey the content being presented. I believe that the ideal school includes a vast curriculum that incorporates all styles of learners. Which means that it has all the latest advances in technology and pedagogy this way students are presented with the best opportunity to learn. Unfortunately education is misconstrued as a business for some, but to me it is not a job it is an opportunity for me to guide young minds in the right direction not tell them what roads to go down but present them with the proper knowledge and resources they will need to live a long successful healthy lifestyle. I think teaching has such a great deal to do with how you carry yourself as an individual. as an educator you should be confident, knowledgeable, humble, and sociable towards your students. You never know what day you could have a impact on a student where it was long lasting, this is the power of teaching. I will be a role model of society and most importantly i will be working towards the greater good of man kind molding young minds.