Monday, March 21, 2011

The sport of wrestling has provided many opportunities to those who have been dealt a different set of cards in regards to those of the non impaired population. For example recent national champion Anthony Robles a senior at Arizona state university. Won the division 1 125 lbs wrestling national championship with 1 leg. Anthony's story is truly remarkable watch these following videos of success. Remember to never give up and follow your dreams.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its how you find the answers even if you don't know them

It is this tough economy that has bred a competitive job market, some even will say it is cu throat. Others will argue that it is all about who you know. Yes that doesn't hurt that you may know people in high places but are you truly qualified for the position available? A lot of times people take on jobs or task that they aren't 100 percent sure that they will be able to complete the job or task at hand. It is that persons ability to make themselves knowledgeable about the content at hand. It is equally just as important to realize that you may not be qualified at all meaning that you are way out of your league. In a situation where you may feel out of your league it is imperative to realize this and address it. Notify the person in charge and be honest. " I am not able to complete this duty at hand but i am willing to do my research and find the best solution possible." In my future when I am seeking an entry level position in physical education I will do my best to make myself knowledgeable about any content in my field. If I am not aware of anything I will catch myself up to date with the new content and then present it at a later date to the administration. This may hurt you Sometimes but we aren't always qualified on paper to perform a certain task or job but it is our ability to be resourceful and knowledgeable in finding the correct answers or best course of action. In my opinion teachers should always be reflecting upon themselves. A lesson shouldn't go by without reflection of the material and procedures to see the pros and cons of the class. A teacher must make themselves aware of new philosophies, methods, ideologies or anything else that will improve their student learning. This resource management is something that I hope to develop over time, i believe that 80% of teaching is preparation. That preparation starts with reflection followed by research

Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow Days

As a student you always wondered who had the final say in the glorious snow day. Some kids said it was the bus drivers, or the snow plow men, other kids said it was up to the weather man/woman and others said it was up to the rotten principle. Well now that I am towards the end of my schooling career and have done my 100 hours of pre-student teaching observations. I have seen a glimpse of the procedure of what actually goes into having an actual snow day. Fist and foremost it is a cooperative decision between the local weather authority, the transportation authority, and the schools administrator. These people will deem it safe for the students and school employees to travel out to school. Even if the roads aren't bad in the morning the meteorologist must take into account projected forecast for the afternoon, because it is just as important to get them home safe as it is to get them to school in one piece. It is also based on the schools resources if they have the ability to clear the school grounds and make it safe for arrival of personnel and students. Once a storm is projected than the transportation manager will consult with the administrator of the district, once a decision is made by around 5 am than they will notify the local news station and radio stations to notify of the cancellation or about the delayed opening. With every school having a home web page now a days the cancellation will be posted on the website as well. On be half of the teachers there is a chain list that everyone must follow. Some schools districts actually have automated services that call all the school employees. If A county or district experience a harsh winter and uses more than their allotted snow days. They will then Dip into the spring breaks. It is necessary that students get a 182 days in the school year which is state mandated. If the school has a harsh winter than the school board will then decided which days to take away from spring recess. Now being on the other end of a snow day you realize that there is much more to it that the snow plow man.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Women in american education

For nearly two centuries women have been discriminated in many aspects of life. Mainly higher education, in colonial America women very rarely attended school and if they did it was only at the elementary level. Those women who were able to attend a school usually came from money this was the only way a female would be able to attend higher education. In the later years of colonial America secondary schools started called female seminaries. Families with the financial means now had the opportunity to send their daughter to get a secondary education just like their sons. These female seminaries would be the start of normal schools for women, which are schools of teaching. Where women like Emma Hart Willard and Catherine Beecher wrote text books on teaching but not the typical teaching methods of the time. During this time period around the turn of the century the corporal punishment method was in effect. These women wrote text about more humanely methods. They viewed the classroom as an extension of the home life, where cooperation was emphasized these were the views and methods that developed from these female seminaries. Until the turn of the 20th century women and sports weren't even put in the same sentence. Prior to Title IX(1972), women sports were controlled by societal expectations. Caution about a potential overemphasis on competition or on unladylike behavior led to modified rules in several sports. To say that women had any form of freedom or individuality in sport would be an incorrect statement because women had nothing close to that, they had to conform to what society thought was appropriate for a proper women. In the early 1900’s mass participation in class exercises’, field days, play days, and sport days, rather than just competitive athletics became the norm. These play dates were all a form of competition for women. In all the events the emphasis was on fun, and social interaction. The first resemblances of a competition for women were telegraphic meets these were events that women participated in and were timed in; thereafter they compared scores with other institutions. The sports that allowed this were swimming bowling, and archery the times would be compared with females from other institutions. TO this day females have made tremendous gains but some feminist still think there is much room for improvement and we haven't reached total equality.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coed Dorms

Click here to read more about Rutgers University same sex roommate policy


Above is a video about school reform in the washington D.C area. These school teachers have realized that a change is in order and that it has to happen now. Like most social changes in history it isn't going to happen over night. It is going to take a nation wide commitment on all adults parts. It isn't just up to the teachers; it is up to all adults to be role models and advocates of proper education in these young minds. As an aspiring educator i am willing to make a change and be apart of that because we are in the business for children. That is something that we should never loose sight of.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Points to Ponder

The role of athletics plays a major role in modern day society. Parents are always urging their children to participate and get involved in sports teams in some way or another. Parents are such advocates of athletics because there are so many beneficial elements to sports. Organized athletics should provide children and young adults with a safe and healthy environment where they can learn the related sport skills as well as life lessons. I am a firm believer in that there is so much more to athletics than meets the eye. Sports teams can teach players life long lessons like team cooperation, respect for all aspects of the unit, and an overall appreciation for hard work. Yes as a coach you are their to guide your players in the quest for perfection but along the way players will realize that perfection is unobtainable. It is the job of the coach to make the players realize that you can always strive for it though. Athletic teams give students athletes the opportunity maintain a higher level of responsibility as to there peers who aren't members of a sports team. Student athletes are expected to balance course work as well as practice time, this is where student athletes learn the importance of time management. Sports teams also provide players with a strengthened sense of accountability, not only on the playing fields but in the classrooms and in the community as well. It is the job of the coach to be a role model for their players and to guide them in the righteous path of success.