Monday, November 30, 2009

A feast for St. Mary's

Today in lab we started out in the cafeteria playing board games; the two most popular were the roll out checkers and the connect four. Luckily I was fortunate enough to play against Justin who was about nine years old. According to Justin he had never lost in a game of checkers. To my surprise he was pretty good i had begun to think he hadn't ever lost until i found out that he has some small variation in his way of playing checkers. As soon as we stopped playing by Justin's rules and started playing by the right rules Justin had begin to show his weaknesses, Justin wasn't very happy at first but then he realized that it was only fair to play by the right rules. After we cleaned up the board games we went upstairs where we played a game that focused on accuracy and control of a soccer ball. We set up targets all around the gym, the targets were all components of what goes into a thanksgiving dinner. Once a pair hit a target they then acquired food. The teams that hit a food item then told one of us and we put it on the table for it to be eaten. The kids liked the game a lot it involved everyone at all times and it got everyone in the mood for thanksgiving dinner which was right around the corner.

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