Sunday, December 6, 2009

A light snow fall brings christmas spirit to St. Mary's

This week's lab concluded our experience at St. Mary's elementary school. The theme of the day was Christmas in order to get the the kids in the spirit of the holidays we made a game up that had the children be Santa's helpers because santa's had become sick. So he needed the kids help. Half the kids were elves and the others were reindeer who pulled the elves from house to house dropping off presents for Santa. As they dropped of presents they had to do different activities. The kids loved pulling each other around on the scooters, as well as bringing lots of cookies to santa to get him better. After the kids made it to all of the house they had to go tell santa all bout their journeys and what movements they had to make in order to make it to the next house. They kids enjoyed talking about their different travels and sharing with each other. Most of all they enjoyed helping Santa out when he needed them. This lab was our last time with the St.Mary's kids, I have learned alot from these kids and i am thankful for having the opportunity to teach them as well as learn from them.

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