Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its how you find the answers even if you don't know them

It is this tough economy that has bred a competitive job market, some even will say it is cu throat. Others will argue that it is all about who you know. Yes that doesn't hurt that you may know people in high places but are you truly qualified for the position available? A lot of times people take on jobs or task that they aren't 100 percent sure that they will be able to complete the job or task at hand. It is that persons ability to make themselves knowledgeable about the content at hand. It is equally just as important to realize that you may not be qualified at all meaning that you are way out of your league. In a situation where you may feel out of your league it is imperative to realize this and address it. Notify the person in charge and be honest. " I am not able to complete this duty at hand but i am willing to do my research and find the best solution possible." In my future when I am seeking an entry level position in physical education I will do my best to make myself knowledgeable about any content in my field. If I am not aware of anything I will catch myself up to date with the new content and then present it at a later date to the administration. This may hurt you Sometimes but we aren't always qualified on paper to perform a certain task or job but it is our ability to be resourceful and knowledgeable in finding the correct answers or best course of action. In my opinion teachers should always be reflecting upon themselves. A lesson shouldn't go by without reflection of the material and procedures to see the pros and cons of the class. A teacher must make themselves aware of new philosophies, methods, ideologies or anything else that will improve their student learning. This resource management is something that I hope to develop over time, i believe that 80% of teaching is preparation. That preparation starts with reflection followed by research

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