Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Points to Ponder

The role of athletics plays a major role in modern day society. Parents are always urging their children to participate and get involved in sports teams in some way or another. Parents are such advocates of athletics because there are so many beneficial elements to sports. Organized athletics should provide children and young adults with a safe and healthy environment where they can learn the related sport skills as well as life lessons. I am a firm believer in that there is so much more to athletics than meets the eye. Sports teams can teach players life long lessons like team cooperation, respect for all aspects of the unit, and an overall appreciation for hard work. Yes as a coach you are their to guide your players in the quest for perfection but along the way players will realize that perfection is unobtainable. It is the job of the coach to make the players realize that you can always strive for it though. Athletic teams give students athletes the opportunity maintain a higher level of responsibility as to there peers who aren't members of a sports team. Student athletes are expected to balance course work as well as practice time, this is where student athletes learn the importance of time management. Sports teams also provide players with a strengthened sense of accountability, not only on the playing fields but in the classrooms and in the community as well. It is the job of the coach to be a role model for their players and to guide them in the righteous path of success.

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