Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1st Lab at St.mary's

On Monday we had our first lab for Ped 201. The kids had a great time with all of us "college kids". The theme of the day was stability, we observed how the children and there gross and fine motor skills were developing. My group ACTIVITIES R' US designed a game called endless bucket. we incorporated task that dealt with stability. Some of the exercises that we put in the bucket were hop to the next bucket, leadp frog, balance a bean bag on your head, balance on one foot for as long as you can, and some other exercises that had stability involved in it. As soon as the kids got into the game they were having a blast. Even the kids who were a little hesitant about play had a awesome time, and had forgotten that they were thinking about not participating. Overall the students of St Mary's had a great day and i think the SUNY Cortland student had a better time, everyone seems to enjoy interacting with these kids!

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