Monday, October 26, 2009

PE Hall of shame

As physical education has progressed so have the activities and games that are played in phys ed. class. Today's PE classes are taught in teaching the student as a wholeperson mind, body, spirit. these are the components that make up a educated person. Over the coarse of the development of Physical education certain games have earned a spot on the PE hall of shame. As you would guess dodge ball would be on top of most list. This is because in past PE teacher's have just rolled out 8 ounce rubber kick balls and said go nuts. In about 98% of the time in playing dodge ball some will most likely be injured of some kind of way. Or this can lead to bullying or ganging up on a less skilled player. If dodge ball is being played this way then I also think it belongs on the wall of shame, but if dodge ball is played correctly then it can be used to teach many aspects of physical education. With this being said variations need to be implemented to the old form of dodge ball, such as every player needs to throw with their non dominant hand. Another variation could be that the ball has to bounce the ball before it can strike someone. A very fun and interactive variation is to make a court half the players are inside the court and the other half are outside this court. The players on the outside receive mush balls and have to throw them at the players in the middle but the ball must bounce first. Once hit the person who threw the mush ball goes in and the person who got hit is now outside throwing. This variation keeps everyone involved at all times and keeps the traditionally chaotic game under control. With all the the variations that I have just mentioned students are still able to use there motor moments and develop their hand eye coordination. Before you play any form of dodge ball a class must prove to you that they are responsible and mature enough to participate in the activity. The first intance that a student shows that they are not responsible or mature enough ask them to sit aside while the students who can handle it play. The general age that students are usually ready for a game such as dodge ball is about middle school and high school. In closing I do agree that traditional dodge ball belongs in the PE hall of shame but I think with the right guidance and supervison this can be a great learning experience.

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