Thursday, October 22, 2009

Super hero's swoop into action at St. Mary's

There were superman's to batman's and everyone in between, The kids of St. Mary's said "you college kids are too early for Halloween" Once they realized that we were just dressing up for fun, the kids embraced it and began engaging in conversation and sharing stories about there favorite super hero's. This was a great way to get the kids involved and interested in the day, prior to even picking up a ball or playing a game. In the days activities we were able to view the childrens progression of gross motor movements such as running, galloping and hopping. Activities R' Us incorporated running and galloping in our modified super hero tag game. A variation of the game was to lock elbows with a partner, now you and your partner had to work in unison to avoid getting tagged. Once tagged you were frozen in a flying position, balancing on one foot while your arms are straight out as if you were flying. To get back in the game some one who was untagged could bring you back by touching you on your foot and two arm's. The kids really enjoyed this game we played for a good 20 minutes wit the variations. The way the kids interact with you when you connect with them on there level is remarkable, for instance I hadn't spoken to this one particular boy yet but I noticed him looking at me continuously from the second he saw me. I went over and introduced my self his response was, "Daffney is my favorite" turns out Scoopy-Doo is his favorite show, and i had worn a Scooby-Doo shirt with all the mystery team on it. From then on Me and Micheal played together the rest of the day, he was talking to me as if we had been friends for ever, on the sole fact that i had his show on my T-shirt. Find ways to relate the children on their own personal level. This will develop stronger relationship between the teacher and the student, which in the end the student will benefit most!

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