Sunday, February 13, 2011

Enough is Enough

Across the nation only about 70 percent of high school students graduate. Every 29 seconds a student decides that they've had enough and drop out of school, resulting in a staggering 1 million drop outs per year. When asked the average drop out isn't calling it a quits because the work is too difficult it is because the students are bored and academically disengaged with the classwork. Nearly 90 percent of student who drop out of high school have passing grades when they depart the school. other reasons for dropping out is pregnancy, financial reasons or family issues. All of these are issues in young teens lives, yet they don't realize the long term effects this will have on their lives. All high school dropouts will make 10,000 dollars less than students who graduate high school and these drop outs are far more likely to re-lie on government assistance or even end up in jail. At the time of their departure from high school students believe it is a good idea to drop out of school but they fail to realize of of these alarming statistics that will most likely prevail on the drop outs account. Many educators believe that the drop out rate can be reduced by early intervention through literacy programs, one on one instruction, mentoring and tutoring, more relevant curricular materials, service learning and family involvement. All of these services shows the students who are on the fence about school have a support system around them and that these people care about them very much so. As a educator you have to be resilient in trying to peak interest in these students, once they see how much you care then they might realize that they could be making a terrible mistake.

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