Monday, February 7, 2011

Melting Pot or Tossed salad

The American way of life has been referred to as a melting pot of all the unique traditions and beliefs of the different people of this country. The thought of having this one society with an overall way of life is a great idea; although it seems those beliefs and traditions never come together to make one common taste. Unfortunately it is not that way, all the same ingredients are in the melting pot but they never fuse together. This is where the tossed salad concept comes in. You have the same recipe for the tossed salad but the flavors don't ever combine together. You may get a hint here and there of other cultures but many U.S citizens have remained deeply rooted in there past cultures. With the tossed salad concept Americans honor there past cultures while honoring the nationality of the U.S. I think this newly adapted theory gives a better understanding of American way of life. Now you may ask your self how does this pertain to the classroom. Yes it certainly does, the tossed salad approach will educate students on the differences of one another and how we are all similar in some way. Just like the saying "knowledge is power" if the students have a better understanding of one another and where we all came from then this could ultimately cut down on stereo typical beliefs that often lead to bullying. Keep in mind we were all immigrants at one time or another. This could then make schools a safer and more welcoming place for everyone.

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