Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spoon Fed America

"Where are we going and why are we in this hand-basket" agree with this statement that we are going along for a ride. We as educators who are traditionally in the drivers seat of education have been put in the back seat. It seams that today's classroom isn't guided by the teachers better judgement but by the recommendations and input of parents. I think she brings up valid points in regards to parent involvement and views on their student learning. Normally when a teacher has a problem with a student a parent would traditionally back the teacher, because the teacher is an authority figure that demands respect from the student. Although that is not the case the parent or guardian will immediately side with their student thinking that the teacher is in the wrong and that they need to fix what they are doing and not their child's behavior. This is not the case always but teachers everyday are being scrutinized for actions that they have taken but when it comes down to it; that parents aren't trusting the better judgment of another professional adult. I don't agree with the fact that this woman aired out her dirty laundry out for everyone to view even though she didn't reveille any names or the actual school. This was very unprofessional of her and a suspension is relevant but i don't think termination is the proper course of action that should be taken. When you step away from the issue of using real life instances from her classroom she brings up valid points that students are lazy and that their parents have their back in what ever they say or do. I think there could be a positive to come out of this to make administration fellow teachers and even parents aware that is isn't okay to spoon feed these students that they have to be accountable for their actions. We must restore the values back into educators give them back the drivers seat. Have the parents sit back and go along for the ride. Im not saying that parents shouldn't be involved in their child's education because they most certainly should. Its okay to give advice here and their but when it comes down to it your child's teacher will be with your son/daughter for a good portion of the day and as a educator they will provide the healthiest and most productive environment for that child to excel in learning. They aren't in the profession to hold back your son or daughter they are their to prosper learning. Parents of today have to except that and go with the plan of the teacher.

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