Sunday, February 27, 2011

A fine line

After watching that video I was shocked that this coach struck a player to that degree. Throughout my years of being actively involved in organized sports. I have had my share of different coaches, each with there own individual styles of coaching. I have never experienced an instance like this where a coach actually charges a player challenging the player physically. I have witnessed a coach placing there hands on a player in a firmly manner during an instructional session, but never actually attacking a player. I think that is was totally uncalled for on the coach's part. It was as if the coach lost it and had no control over himself. If I was in an administration position I would definitely suspend the coach for a short period and then a meeting would occur between the players and the coach. Permanent termination of the coach would be based on his past if there were any allegations or other issues this would be the last straw. I believe in coaching their is a fine line between being aggressive to get a point across and then there is the other side where you've gone too far. This is a situation where the coach crossed that ethical line and even the criminal line. The player has filled out a police report of the assault. The school has yet to comment on the situation and is doing an investigation of their own. As a player I think I would be able to return to practice and play for the coach even though he crossed that fine line. A proper apology would be in order but I think i could return to the court. Im not sure if every one could return to play after a situation of this degree.

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